Music – Prelude, Op. 28, No. 15 by Frédéric Chopin
Performed by Philip Addison Jones
Copyright: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0


4 Responses to “Der Ewige Jude – The Eternal Jew (The Holocaust)”

  1. Святослав Никонов says:

    Fuck jews .

  2. Antônio Araújo says:

    Thanks, Bi Dao for the answer. In fact, I want to use this video with the 'little boy'. That is, I will withdraw this music video: by Frédéric Chopin
    Performed by Philip Addison Jones, and in their place, I put the song that I wrote; OK?

  3. Antônio Araújo says:

    I would like to use some videos clips of this video to disclose a song on youtube that I wrote about Israel and hatred of Awschwitz.
    By the way, do you own the copyright of this video?
    I am not a professional musician, but I like to compose music.
    I would like to use your video clip, or part of it for disclosure of my music.
    That is, if you allow me to use it; I will need to download it on my computer, and use the 'Windows Movie Maker' to edit it with my music.
    Maybe I use only a small part of your video clip.
    The compilation of video-clips is similar to this one I posted on youtube; only music is another; in Portuguese, and perhaps also in German, English, Spanish and Italian.
    See the link on youtube:
    If you allow me to use your video clip to be part of my compilation of videos; tell me how you want me to do the assignment. on YouTube.
    Thank you and I look forward answer!

  4. Ismail Demir says:


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