From Der Ring des Nibelungen RAI Rome Orchestra, Wilhelm Furtwangler Recorded November 3, 1953 Libretto can be found at Cast List: Siegmund: Wolfgang Windgassen Hunding: Gottlob Frick Wotan: Ferdinand Frantz Sieglinde: Hilde Konetzni Brunnhilde: Martha Modl Fricka: Elsa Cavelti Helmwige: Judith Hellwig Ortlinde: Magda Gabory Gerhilde: Gerda Scheyrer Waltraute: Dagmar Schmedes Siegrune: Olga Bennings Rossweisse: Ira Malaniuk Grimgerde: Elsa Cavelti Schwertleite: Hilde Rossl-Majdan
Video Rating: 4 / 5


6 Responses to “Wagner: Die Walküre, Act II 1/12 (Furtwangler RAI, 1953)”

  1. Bucketchico says:

    Oh god, the director must have gone mad in some parts…

  2. shellac1925 says:

    Could you link to it on the NPR website, perhaps?

  3. knightschwartz says:

    did anyone here the fresh air piece on Furtwangler recently? I’m curious whats the name of the music they played at the start of it? I can’t post the link but it’s easy to find I would appreciate it if anyone could reply with the answer.

  4. Waldvogel91 says:

    such a tasty recording. THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU’RE DOING

  5. raticida123456 says:

    viva wagner

  6. gotterhaus says:

    I have listened so far many excerpts from the Ring you uploaded. I can listen the orchestra remains quite untamed by the conductor. Furtwangler+italian orchestra=volcanic eruption. I enjoy their flaws 🙂

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