Ruhm und Ehre der Waffen ss


25 Responses to “Stahlgewitter Was immer auf Erden besteht”

  1. SLAYER311062 says:


  2. SeigSel says:

    Time has come again for the Germanic people to rise ..SIEG HEIL from Norway.14/88

  3. MrVideomadman says:

    14/88 unsere Ehre 14/88 heisst 14/88 unsere Treue 14/88


    was redet der czsolider von krieg gegen die muslime und schwarzen was mischt er die religion da rein hat der hurensohn vlt 21000 treue muslimische freiwillige ss soldaten im balkan uebersehen??

  5. JackTiger9 says:

    I would like to apologize to the good German people for letting the Jews take over our media and brainwash us into fighting our brothers in two world wars that made Jewish bankers rich.

  6. 14luftwaffe88 says:

    But do you think it will work when Europe is also anti black? will it make al the problems go away?
    I don’t believe it is the solution, the only solution will be creating an other system and get ritt of this one, it still is the system that lets the forreners into oure counties.
    As long as the system is un changed nothing will hapen, becouse the real problem is the system.

  7. theCZsoldier says:

    Today Europe is Anti-Islam,but no Anti-Black,fuck.Europe must be Anti-Islam and Anti-Black too.Only Whites are EUROPEANS.

  8. 14luftwaffe88 says:

    I don’t believe it will work to attack the Niggers, ofre just the Muslims it is the system that brings them in.
    I believe that whe have to distroy the system ore create an sort of sub economie becouse if you want people to egnore the system that exist now there has to be an alternative, an that is to us to create.
    Or destroy it of course, but there are just not enough radical national socialist that want to give it all up to fight against it.

  9. theCZsoldier says:

    White Europe! Europe for Europeans! We need started war against Muslims and Niggers,we need cleaned Europe NOW! Or in 2040 Western Europe+USA and Canada will be Islamic and Black! We need start WAR and SAVE EUROPE AND WHITE RACE! 14.

  10. Gusseisen18 says:

    Not und verderben allen Feinden des Nazionalsozialistischen Reiches
    Arian Blood 88

  11. Venushja says:

    For what it’s album? No way I found: (Sorry my English is bad

  12. hahagotuful says:

    scheiss nazis!!

  13. HooNaRA100 says:

    @TWWHaMbRoCk leider habe ich deinen beitrag erst nach 4 Wochen gesehen aber WIR haben auf der GANZEN Welt Kameraden und wir brauchen alle Kameraden das Germania wieder AUFERSTEHT!!! 88 19/8 aus Österreich

  14. LordAkaneon says:

    88 White Power!

  15. TWWHaMbRoCk says:

    Auch nur so warum schreiben i.-welche Holländer sieg heil und sowas ?? Nur so bei euch war der Blitzkrieg …

  16. SteauaCosmin18 says:

    Heil an alle kameraden!!

    Deutschland über Alles!

    Grüße aus Rumanien

  17. vonrussland says:

    Vielen Dank für Deutschland von Pannwitz

  18. vonrussland says:

    Vielen Dank für Deutschland von Pannwitz

  19. vlad9vt says:

    very good song -thx

  20. 14luftwaffe88 says:

    daar heb je gelijk in hollandia

  21. nockie666 says:

    heil an alle kameraden aus holland…….SS fur immer…..MEINE EHRE HEISTT TREUE…………..

  22. szolnok95 says:

    pff…….Shut up loser! I want help you! You attack me! ok!Loser-.-

  23. fluffy1931 says:

    bend over nazi fagtard.

  24. szolnok95 says:

    XD You only like Jenki army and you not see another side!Haha! Loser-.-Waffen ss bets of BEST!

  25. szolnok95 says:

    Sieg Heil! PLs mans! PLS! Read MOR GOOD and TRUE story and other! Pls man! METAPEDIA!

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