1942. Götterdämmerung - Set Svanholm, Marta Fuchs (Karl Elmendorff, Bayreuth)

Richard Wagner Götterdämmerung (1876) 1:56:55 – Act 2 2:58:48 – Act 3 Set Svanholm — Siegfried Egmont Koch — Gunther Friedrich Dalberg — Hagen Robert Burg — Alberich Marta Fuchs — Brünnhilde Else Fischer — Gutrune Camilla Kallab — Waltraute Camilla Kallab — 1. Norn Hildegard Jachnow — 2. Norn Charlotte Siewert — 3. Norn Hilde Scheppan — Woglinde Irmgard Langhammer — Wellgunde Margery Booth — Floßhilde Karl Elmendorff Chor & Orchester der Bayreuther Festspiele 21 Jul 1942 Scores and libretto: docs.google.com Synopsis: metoperafamily.org Translations: opera-guide.ch . .

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  1. oboeguy53 says:

    While this recording may not have the best sound, it does have one thing that nobody else does: the original steer horns that Wagner had created for this opera. You can hear them at 2:14:13 at the beginning of Hagen’s call to the vassals, culminating in at least 3 simultaneously at 2:15:35. Every recording (except Solti’s, where replicas were commissioned for use in his recording) uses trombones. As you can hear, Wagner knew what he was doing. Trombones are just too polite a sound here!!

  2. leosky2 says:

    I thank you very, very much for this wonderful version…

  3. leosky2 says:

    Why we will always mix all the things with the history? I love this music just now, it reflects my deepest feelings about the tragedy and that’s enough

  4. Bayreuthathon says:

    Obviously I need to log in occasionally …
    I’ve removed the offending threads and the responsed they provoked.
    Enjoy the music.

  5. Cversnick says:

    1942. The Germans already had a major defeat in Russia. The damnation was already in progress on the moment this major opera was performed in Bayreuth. The grandmaster Richard Wagner predicted it all around 70 years before that.
    The Ring is still applicable today. Nowadays all the people in the banking business wanted to obtain the ring. The follow-up we see nowadays. The damnation of the financial system which causes huge problems in our capital systems.

  6. Gheorgyi says:

    Parce que les nazis avaient pris certaine musique par RW comme symboles de leur puissance militaire (la “Walkürenritte”, par example) et de leur “superiorité” raciale, peut être?

  7. Gheorgyi says:

    Maybe it’s exactly because even during a war and the most dismal situations, some people find a need to immedesimate themselves in something as beautiful as this music. As to “who was in attendance here” – maybe people like you and me? and, as to “how they could have been enjoying the music, etc. etc.”, I have no answer but “one of those quirks, I guess” (no offense, nor cheap humour intended).

  8. timothybolshaw says:

    Does anyone know if the Else Fischer who sings Gutrune is Else Gentner-Fischer, or is there another Else Fischer I am not familiar with? It would be surprising as she was forced into premature retirement because of her Jewish husband, but Bayreuth had tremendous influence. Some who would have been in concentration camps but for their connections with Bayreuth were tolerated because of it. (An example is the homosexual Max Lorenz who openly cohabited with a Jewish wife and mother-in-law.)

  9. 3intelligents says:

    Go to wikipedia…. “gotterdammerung” !!!

  10. itsallgood544 says:

    Nobody has to connect Hitler and Wagner. Hitler wasn’t Wagner’s fault. But it’s creepy to to hear Gotterdammerung at Bayreuth in 1942 in the midst of such atrocities being committed closeby as if it’s business as usual. It makes you wonder who was in attendance here and how they could have been enjoying the music without thinking of war, death and the utter human depravity they were indulging in.

  11. Jean Molins says:

    Pourquoi les Juifs détestent de la sorte Richard Wagner?… Il est décédé le 13 février 1883, 50 ans avant l’arrivée des nazis au pouvoir… C’est incompréhensible.  Mieux vaudrait honorer la mémoire des victimes en ayant le total respect au peuple Palestinien!!!.

  12. Jean Molins says:

    Une grande partie des chanteurs wagnériens avaient fui l’Allemagne nazi mais ce qui restaient étaient admirables ainsi que le chef d’orchestre Elmendorff. Une époque révolue à jamais, mille fois hélas!!!. Le son de cet enregistrement est superbe.

  13. 3intelligents says:

    Great thank you ………….!

  14. Sieglinde84 says:

    I have this and it’s great. Dalberg is a bit underrated I think, not many recordings, and he has a really dark, beautiful voice. I’d kill for the radio recording of the Billy Budd premiere, tbh. I know it exists but can’t find it.

  15. 5758Wanderer says:

    Sono completamente d’accordo con te!!! Basta con questa equazione Wagner=Nazismo. Non se ne può più!!!

  16. Fasolt100 says:

    Magnifica esecuzione, con un ottimo audio. Grazie!

  17. pulejus says:

    ma è mai possibile che ogni volta che apro un brano del Maestro mi imbatto in discussioni politiche? Non dobbiamo dimenticare assolutamente ma che c’entra la musica di Wagner?
    basta!!! che palle!!

  18. arkiebob says:

    Magnificent performance. Thank you.

  19. 333Chrome says:

    have you ever read the Nibelungen Sage, hard book to digest, its about hagen and siegfried and how this sieg guy got a spade in his upper shoulder.

  20. MrNykmark says:

    What??? Svanholm in Bayreuth, Nazi Germany in 1942??…, i can’t believe that?!

  21. LordMgls says:

    What a Siegfried!!!!

  22. benjaminsars says:

    3:34:21 Trauermarsch

  23. srothbardt says:

    Thank you very much for this interesting recording. The sound is surprisingly good.

  24. pinkled42 says:

    Quite revealing to know about Melchior. Thanks

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