Historic Stereo-Recording from 29.9.1944. Anton Bruckner, Symphony No.8 (8.Sinfonie) with Herbert v. Karajan and the Orchester der Berliner Staatsoper. 2009 we can celebrate the 65th anniversary of stereophonic tape recordings. So I thought it might be interesting to upload a few recordings that Mr. Helmut Krüger made at the RRG in Berlin in the early 40´s with the AEG-Telefunken K7 stereo tape recoder (Krüger was nicknamed by his radio colleagues Krüger-Krüger, in witty reference to his habit to record everything in stereo). After the soviets brought the complete RGG-archive to Moscow in 1945 unfortunately from the hundreds of Stereo recordings only a handful found their way back to Berlin. And in a very bad condition. The over 60 years old tape was transfered directly to digital equipment without any processing. Enjoy!
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14 Responses to “Bruckner (1944 Stereo): Symphony No.8 (3/3 Finale) – Karajan/ Berliner Staatsoper”

  1. winhuber says:

    für mich ist dieser teil nicht der 4.satz von der 8.bruckner … man sollte einmal recherchieren …

  2. FJF119 says:

    Deutsch Grammaphone release these beautiful historic music on CD

  3. petrof4056 says:

    COuld we have the same quality sound for Furtwängler’s recordings at wartime?

  4. ponkosama says:

    This is amazing!  And much better than the age of 1970’s EMI recording quality.

  5. pittelviejo31 says:

    In my opinion, the coda sounds even better than the 1979 VPO version. Incredible. O.O

  6. sallyrob101 says:

    This is one of a handful of stereophonic tapes made by the Germans in World War II that has survived. Reportedly, many of the tapes ended up in the Soviet Union and I don’t think many of them have been found. This tape certainly shows that Herbert von Karajan was a fine conductor and he still had some very fine musicians to work with. They were trying to keep culture going and undoubtedly many realized Germany was doomed. What a great document!

  7. itttip says:

    Es würde mich mal brennend interessieren, wo diese Aufnahmen nun wirklich herkommen!?!?

  8. blechmusik says:

    I would not agree. If you pseudo-stereonize a mono source it will sound different, especially the what concerns the depth of the recorded room. If you listen carefully with a headphone you hear that spacing of the mics was probably too wide, but the “ping-pong”-effect could be the result of the lower channel separation of the modded K7 machine also. And the tape is….well…not “taken out from an archive” anyway. The tape is not post-processed @ all. Greetings.

  9. japanesesweet says:

    German recording technology was obviously much more advanced than anywhere else in the world at this time.

  10. ChrissysVideokids says:

    Wirklich beeindruckend, unverkennbar Karajan Sound, Bläser spitze, Violinen vom feinsten, alles hörbar bis in die leisesten Ebenen , und das nach so vielen Jahren…..my favorite…

  11. ggcoa says:

    WOW, the sound quality is AMAZING for a wartime recording…

  12. Invisus944 says:

    This kicks so much ass I really have to say

  13. Gotter says:

    Deep, Adam!  🙂

  14. WAKeele says:

    Wow, I’m surprised by the quality of the recording! This is some of the best playing I’ve heard from something of this age. It’s also great to hear this version too!
    What’s also very interesting to hear is a performance during such turbulent time (to say the LEAST), by “the bad guys”, to use an out of touch phrase. Hearing such beautiful music played so well makes me feel like there was no way a world was at war during this, and even more, wonder why we as humans can’t seem to get along…

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