Anton Bruckner ( 1824-1896) Te Deum: fûr Soli, Chor und Orchester / pour solistes, chœurs et orchestre /for soloists, chorus and orchestra 1 – Te Deum (Allegro) 2 – Te ergo quaessumus (Moderato) 3 – Aeterna fac (Allegro moderato. Feierlich mit Kraft) 4 – Salvum fac populum tuum (Moderato – Allegro moderato) 5 – In te, Domine, speravi (Mäßig bewegt – Allegro moderato – Alla breve) Jessye Norman, soprano Yvonne Minton, mezzo-soprano David Rendall, tenor Samuel Ramey, bass Chicago Symphony Chorus Chorus Master: Margaret Hillis Chicago Symphony Orchestra Conducted by Daniel Barenboim 1981 _

Anton Bruckner Symphonie Nr. 8 c-moll 4. Satz, 1. Teil Originalfassung (Haas) Dirigent CA Bünte Geidai Symphony Orchestra Tokyo 4. Satz Feierlich, nicht schnell Konzertmitschnitt vom 4. Dezember 1979 Tokyo Festival Hall

4 Responses to “Anton Bruckner: “Te Deum” by J. Norman, Y. Minton, S. Ramey, D. Rendall”

  1. blessOTMA says:

    Thank you for posting , I’m swooning

  2. PatateRoussoiste says:

    This is enormous. But how could it not be ? With Norman, Ramey… and Baremboim…

  3. lillyjeannine says:

    ” The German Critics Society awards the 1961/62 music prize to Carl August Bünte who is today a firmly established conductor personality in Berlin`s music life.
    …In particular, through his interpretation of the Beethoven and Bruckner symphonies he has shown his understanding of how to reveal the soul of these works. The Jury.”

  4. lioneltacchini says:

    I was fortunate to hear and see this whole concert, which started with Mozart’s “Kleine Nachtmusik”, followed by a very intense, expressive and as a general result most moving and satisfying account of Bruckner’s 8th.

    It is a pleasure to see it here offered to a wider audience – anyone who doesn’t love Bruckner’s music yet could change their mind watching his.

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