Rheingold Opera by Richard Wagner Michael Vier Bariton sings Donner Heda..Heda..Hedo…. Stagedirection : Graham Vick Music Director Conductor : Emilio Pomerico Teatro Nacional de Sao Carlos Lisboa, Portugal Management: www.Agentur-Wrage.de Arias ital.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

8 Responses to “WAGNER, RHEINGOLD, Michael Vier as Donner in Richard Wagner Rheingold”

  1. dlphcoracl says:

    What an abomination.!!

    Instead of seeing Donner summoning a thunderstorm we get Derek Jeter praying to the gods for his 3,000th hit. Someone should perform a public service and post stage director Graham Vick’s home address so that someone can visit him and smack him upside the head with a 2 x 4.

  2. fastborzoi says:

    I loved it

  3. MrMichaelvier says:

    well, thx very much…grham vick, the stage director ripped of all seats from the inner circle of the opera house in lsbon and wanted the characters placed and staged , like the old greek amytheatres, so the whole audience was more or less involved in the production and had a 3d possiblility watching the whole opera.if you would have seen the whole ring , in lisbon, it would make more sence then just the 3 min. you see here….it was a very fine ..close and intelligent production i must say:-))

  4. David50s says:

    Great performance but another utterly ridiculous production. I attended the opening of the Met season last night in which a new production debuted. It was very different than the Schenk production but, at least the Met had the good sense to keep the setting in mythological times with mythological characters.

  5. MrMichaelvier says:

    thx very much:-))

  6. srg2457 says:

    Michael Vier deserves better than this.

  7. Kuseikos says:

    Who is the criminal responsible of this obscene staging? I want his head on a silver plate.

  8. Manya1759 says:

    SCHEISS, unfortunately. singing quite good, but staging WTF???

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