Eine Sonate in das Album von Frau MW, for piano in A flat, WWV 85 (1853) Tempo indications: Ruhig – Ruhig wie vorher – Nach und nach wachsende Bewegung – Erstes Zeitmaß German composer Richard Wagner (1813-1883) wrote several piano sonatas, most in his youth and another in 1853. This is the latter work, a sonata in a single movement. It is recognizably in Wagner’s Romantic musical idiom, unlike his early sonatas, which are overshadowed by the language of Beethoven. Pianist: Nina Kavtaradze
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Wagner Concert in Leipzig 1988 DDR 2 - Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg (overture)

Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra. Conducted by Kurt Masur 1988 Fernsehen der DDR The writer and composer Richard Wagner (1813 – 1883) was born in the city of Leipzig in Saxony. The city of his birth paid tribute to one of its most famous sons in 1988, then part of the German Democratic Republic, with an all Wagner concert from the New Gewandhaus concert hall, rebuilt by the GDR government and opened in in 1981. Kurt Masur conducts, with soprano Karan Armstrong and bass-baritone Theo Adam singing excerpts from Tristan und Isolde and Meistersinger, with equally stunning contributions from the Leipzig Radio Choir.


10 Responses to “Richard Wagner – Piano Sonata in A flat, WWV 85”

  1. Triadhaze says:

    Well, looks like I know what I’m learning next.

  2. evanh311 says:

    not bad for a guy who couldn’t play piano

  3. pIERRO453 says:

    It sounds a bit like Liszt and his work ” les années de pèlerinage ” don’t you think ?

  4. pIERRO453 says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing it !

  5. TheGreatGusFrerotte says:


  6. RemovdSande11 says:

    surprised to hear this from wagner. a great surprise that is

  7. gmmakesmehurl says:

    Very nearly brought tears to my eyes. Amazing

  8. nisanus says:

    So muß Orchester klingen! Und nicht alle gleich!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. lipkinasl says:

    So musical even in full, loud tutti.

  10. elcaracanel says:

    The orchestral sound is gorgeous, the balance and detail is exquisite even at volume, and what magnificent volume !

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