Siberiana 2

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Netzfund zur Thematik Haunebu:

Siberiana 2

Image by Space Art
Book cover to "Siberiana 2: Show Me The Stars" by Irina Kolchak. Artwork collab by Mike Herzog and Bob Bello.

In 1945, a shot-down pilot of the Allied Forces is rescued by a Russian woman in Siberia. Thinking that she is crazy, he realizes that he had really traveled back in time, crash-landing in 1943 after colliding with a top-secret Nazi aircraft, Haunebu-3. The enemy invention is recovered, but in this timeline Germany is not the enemy. In fact, since WWI Earth is occupied by an alien invader. The fate of the whole world is now in the hands of two people, who have no idea how important they are for the survival of the human race. Read in 2011 at

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